Treatment of the Jews (1933-1939)


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Treatment of the Jews (1933-1939)
  1. The Nazis saw the Jews as a threat so would make life hard for them
    1. 1933: Jewish Businesses were boycotted, Jewish lawyers, teachers and doctors were sacked. Jewish actors and musicians were banned from performing in public
      1. 1934: Jews were banned from public places i.e. parks, swimming pools
        1. 1935: Nuremberg Laws - Jews were no longer citizens, they weren't allowed to marry Aryans
          1. 1938: KRISTALLNACHT - Jewish shops and synagogues set on fire and vandalised, Jews forced to pay for the damage to their property. Many Jews arrested and some killed. Jewish doctors, dentist and lawyers couldn't work with Ayrans
            1. Jews were persecuted because
              1. Many Jews were successful and were professionals or had big businesses
                1. They were used as a scapegoat
                  1. Associated with communism
                    1. Blamed for Germany's defeat in WW1
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