Crow Country Chapters 1-4

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Questions 1-7 on the first 4 chapters of Crow Country

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Crow Country Chapters 1-4
  1. Q1
    1. Time: Unknown, in winter sometime after WW1
      1. Place: The country town of Boort in Victoria
      2. Q2
        1. Main Character: Sadie, a 13 year old girl who is very grumpy and miserable about having moved from the city to Boort.
        2. Q3
          1. Minor Character: Ellie, Sadie's mum, has fair blonde hair and is excited about her new home and job at the hospital, but is worried about Sadie having not made any new friends yet.
          2. Q4
            1. Relationship between Ellie and David: They used to go out with each other, but that was before either of them had met other people and had kids. If they didn't know each other Sadie wouldn't have met David's son Walter
            2. Q5
              1. Significant event: The local footy game where Ellie met Amanda and Craig Mortlock. This was important because by reading the blurb on the back of the book I could tell that the Craig and Amanda's son Lachie was going to be a main character.
              2. Q6
                1. My thoughts on the novel: Based on the few times that I've read where Sadie could understand the crows I think that this story will be very mysterious and full of suspense throughout the other 24 chapters.
                2. Q7
                  1. One specific thing that relates to real life: The feeling and action of the footy game reminds me of a real AFL game in the city with all the yelling and cheering.
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