Chapters 1-10

Cooper Treloar
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Cooper Treloar
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These are my crow country questions for chapters 1 - 10

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Chapters 1-10
  1. The time and place of the book is the two characters just moved into their new house in Boort.
    1. The Main character of the book in these chapters is Sadie.
      1. Sadie's personality is she might have been nice in her old town but she is neglectful to the new town and sour about it.
        1. My impression of Sadie is she is mean and stubborn towards Ellie because of one thing and not liking the move on purpose.
      2. A minor character in the book in these chapters is Walter
        1. Walter is an aboriginal character who is from Mildura. He is around the same age as Sadie and lives with David which is another minor character. Walter is withdrawn from everyone else exept from David, Ellie and ,as is seen later in the book, Sadie.
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