How I could be an asset to GoConqr

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How I could be an asset to GoConqr


  1. Languages
    1. German
      1. French
        1. Ran Channel Ops in France, Germany, Austria and Switzerland for Microsoft and IBM
        2. Learning Content Developer
          1. University - 3rd and 4th Level
            1. HMH - Primary and Secondary Level Learning Content
              1. eLearning
                1. Captivate
                  1. Camtasia
                    1. Next Generation eLearning Content in HMH and UCD
                    2. Published Public Awareness Campaign Material
                      1. Specialist, Peer Reviewed, Technical Content made accessible to general public
                      2. Creative, Engaging Content
                        1. Social Media Campaign Management
                          1. Granular, Modular content. Learning 'beads', which allow the user and/or an automated system to build user-specific individualised learning plans and goals.
                            1. Metadata Management - State / Professional Bodies Standards Alignment and Compliance
                          2. Team Player
                            1. Manage and Encourage Best Outcomes
                            2. Self-motivated
                              1. Business Analyst
                                1. Change Management
                                  1. Customer Focus
                                    1. Customer Relationship and Account Management
                                      1. Business Development
                                        1. Product Management
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                                      Definition: Skills
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                                      AS level geography- Geographical Skills
                                      USA 2014 World Cup Squad
                                      Brad Hegarty
                                      Domain I Action Recommendations
                                      Lydia Elliott, Ed.D
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                                      Domain III: Actions and Recommendations
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                                      NUR2207 Module 1 (Basic Counselling Skills)
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                                      42. Well-Practiced Skills Don't Require Conscious Attention
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