Marketing Mix

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marketing mix

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Marketing Mix
1 $2 dollar shop
1.1 Product: Cheap/disposable items that are not expected to last long.
1.2 Price: Very cheap at $2 an item or packet.
1.3 Place: Generally easy to locate. In most towns and cities. Products displayed in a haphazard fashion – some attempt at categorising them.
1.4 Promotion: Imaging with signage – recognisable. Radio advertising with catchy jingle. Strong emphasis on word of mouth.
2 A Bank offering a new bank account
2.1 Product/service : Name of the account and what the customer can do with it - e.g. overdraft facilities, direct debit payment etc. A description of the product or service.
2.2 Price: The price would be described to have the account …. Ie., the rate of interest paid on positive balances and charged on negative balances.
2.3 Place: Describe physical location eg Thames Highway. Add benefits: is it located near the University? Is it an online account accessible 24/7 worldwide?
2.4 Promotion: how would they target/promote to students …..what would the message be? Eg an interest free loan, or money to buy books etc
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