Canadian Identity By Andrew Durnford

Andrew Durnford
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Andrew Durnford
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Thanks McCann for an amazing semester, I really enjoyed your class and I look forward to next year having you again!

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Canadian Identity By Andrew Durnford
  1. Cold War
    1. Espionage
      1. Gouzeko steals Canadian Information and brings us into a new front of war
      2. World War Two
        1. Technology
          1. Fighters
            1. Bombers
              1. Aqua Tanks
                1. Canada Supplies USA with uranium
                  1. Atomic Bomb
                    1. Canada seen as super power
                  2. Took Us out of the Great Depression
                      1. Women could vote, work and fight in the war
                        1. Good reputation for women's rights
                        2. D-Day
                          1. Canada does a raid on Dieppe and loses a lot of men with seemingly no gain
                            1. Canada gains information on Germany including how to decode the enigma box
                              1. Canada tests Germany's Defensive force on Atlantic wall
                                1. Canada learns about their offensive force
                            2. World War One
                              1. Conscription Crisis
                                1. Propaganda Posters
                                  1. Victory Bonds
                                  2. Lead into the Great Depression
                                    1. Women work in factories while men fight
                                      1. Boosts Economy
                                      2. Major Battles
                                        1. Vimy Ridge
                                          1. Showed Canada's independence
                                            1. Shows Canada's Racial unity
                                            2. Ypres
                                              1. Sommes
                                                1. Passchendaele
                                                2. Technology
                                                  1. First real use of chemical warfare
                                                    1. German Gas Attack
                                                    2. Armoured Vehicles
                                                      1. Scare tactic as they were highly ineffective in trench warfare
                                                      2. Recon planes
                                                        1. German U-Boats
                                                          1. Ross Rifle
                                                            1. Canada tries to be independent and uses Canadian gun with British ammunition
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