The Evolution of Leadership Theories

Kim Pilcher
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The Evolution of Leadership Theories
  1. Trait Theory/Great Man Theory (Turn of the 20th Century)
    1. Born with inherited traits
      1. The Big 5 Theory ('60 throough '90's)
        1. Openness to experience (imaginative)
          1. Conscientiousness (dependable)
            1. Extraversion (surgency)
              1. Agreeableness (compassionate)
                1. Neuroticism(anxious)
                  1. Behavioral Theories (1950's) [Two Primary Types]
                    1. Theory Y (Concern for people)
                      1. Theory X (Concern for Production )
                        1. Managerial Grid (Blake & Mouton '64) - Leadership Grid (Blake & McCanse '91)
                          1. Motivational Theories (Existed for over 100 years)
                            1. Content Motivation
                              1. Hierarchy of Needs (Maslow '40's)
                                1. Two Factor Theory (Herzerg 60's)
                                  1. Aquired Needs Theory (McClelland '61)
                                  2. Process Motivation
                                    1. Equity Theory (Adams '65)
                                      1. Expectancy Theory (Porter & Lawler '68--Vroom '64)
                                        1. Goal Setting Theory
                                        2. Contingency Leadership Theory (Fiedler 60's) -How well leaders style fits job effectiveness
                                          1. Leadership is task related
                                            1. Situation matches leaders style
                                              1. Integrative (Mid 70's)
                                                1. Combined styles of:
                                                  1. Trait Theory
                                                    1. Behaviorial Theory
                                                      1. Contingency Theory
                                                      2. Tansformational Theory (Burns '78 & Bond '85)
                                                        1. Leadership identifies change, creates vision, & guides change effort
                                                          1. Strategic leadership (Ongoing for over 25 years)
                                                            1. Specific organizational strategies
                                                            2. Charismatic leadership (ongoing with resurgence in 90's)
                                                              1. Leader offers transformative vision
                                                              2. Crisis Leadership ('90's)
                                                                1. Leader is prepared for crisis
                                                              3. Transactional Theory
                                                                1. Compliance promoted by leader through rewards, and punishments
                                            2. Traits suited for leadership
                                              1. Interest lagged in the '50's and re-emerged in the '80's
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