A2 Media: Trailer Research

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Media Studies Film Trailer Coursework Research

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A2 Media: Trailer Research
  1. Trailers
    1. Captions
      1. Watch a trailer and keep a timeline of the captions and which ones appear where
        1. Explore the fonts, colours and effects on the lettering
        2. Production
          1. Explore the different titles of genres, e.g. Horror and Soc Realism
            1. Analysis of different production companies/logos. Indie or conglomerate?
            2. Editing
              1. Analyse the way trailers change the pace through the length between cuts
                1. Which are the most common shots used in your example choices?
                2. Sound
                  1. Explore the different soundtracks used in different genres
                    1. Create a timeline of where the tone changes through the change in soundtrack
                      1. Voice-over? Narration? Or just captions?
                      2. Narrative
                        1. How is the narrative conveyed through the trailer?
                      3. Ancillary Tasks
                        1. Magazines
                          1. Analysis of existing examples (Use PILOC)
                            1. Research the different film publications. Do they feature indie/blockbuster/both?
                            2. Film Posters
                              1. Analysis of existing examples (Use PILOC)
                                1. Research on photo-manipulation
                                  1. Billing on film posters: what is included? What isn't?
                                    1. Reviews, awards, accolades - Which include these? Why?
                                    2. Continuity
                                      1. Explore the continuity in film marketing, e.g. marketing and merchandise
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