Gay Rights

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Gay Rights
  1. Yes
    1. My thoughts on gay rights would be great! i think its amazing
      1. I respect gay rights because theres nothing wrong with liking the same gender as yourslelf
        1. I do, i think its si great that love finally has no label
          1. Yes, there is nothing wrong with people being happy
            1. Yes, gay marriage is a civil right
              1. I a totally for it
                1. I mean , if they have something rude to say they shouldnt say it at all and of their comments are rude then thats their opoion not a fact and they cant change
                  1. I think that is terrible. I hate bullies and i hate it even more for kids getting bullied for being who they are
                    1. I chose this topic because gay rights is kinda a big thing right now and think its great that love wins and that love has no label.
    2. Do you beilve in gay rights
      1. What are your thoughts on gay Rights
        1. Do you respect Gay Rights
          1. Do you accept the descion the government made?
            1. Do you think that gay rights is okay?
              1. Should gay marriage have the right to adopt a kid?
                1. Are you agianst it or for it?
                  1. Do you think that people who are agianst it shouldnt have a say in it?
                    1. What do you think about kids who are being bullied for LGBT?
                      1. What made you choose this topic?
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