How to conduct an effective online course

Nina Runion
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Nina Runion
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This is a concept map for an effective online course. EDIT 650

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How to conduct an effective online course
  1. Clear Design For Student
    1. Instructions
      1. Purpose and Structure
        1. Netiquette
          1. Policies
            1. Prerequisite
              1. technical skills
                1. Teacher Introduction
                  1. Student Introduction
                  2. Learning Objectives
                    1. measurable
                      1. outcomes
                        1. clear and student perspective
                          1. instructions to student clear
                            1. course level
                            2. Assessment Strategies
                              1. differeinted assessments
                                1. stated grading policy
                                  1. Rubric
                                    1. sequenced varied appropriate
                                      1. Multiple opportunities
                                      2. Interaction
                                        1. learning activities are motivational
                                          1. active learning
                                            1. Response time /Feedback
                                              1. CLear requirements
                                              2. Student Support
                                                1. Link to technical support
                                                  1. Accessibility Policies
                                                    1. Link to services
                                                    2. Accessibility for all students
                                                      1. Technology Accommodations
                                                        1. Auditory and Visual altenatives
                                                          1. Minimizes Distractions
                                                            1. assistive technologies
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