World War 1

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World War 1
  1. Causes of WW1
    1. The Alliance Sytem
      1. The alliance system was started by Bismark, the German Chancellor from 1871-1890
        1. In a war with Germany and France in the 1870's Germany humiliated France and annexed their territories. France became Germany's enemy and so Germany went and formed alliances with countries.
          1. These countries where 2 other countries other than France and Germany. The alliance were called the Triple Alliance which is Germany and the Triple Entente which is France.
          2. Militarism
            1. Is the belief of a government or people that a country should maintain a strong military capability and be prepared to use it aggressively to defend national interests.
              1. There were arms race between Britain and Germany for power.
              2. Imperialism
                1. Is a policy of extending a country's power and influence through diplomacy or military force.
                  1. Many countries wanted more power and show their country they are powerful.Germany wanted to show this the most.
                  2. Nationalism
                    1. Is the belief that involves an individual identifying with, or becoming attached to one's nation.
                      1. Many countries wanted to believe they were the best in the world.
                      2. The Balken Powerkeg
                        1. Serbia wanted to be the leader but Austria-Hungary had other ideas and attacked them.
                          1. The assassination of Archduke Ferdinand
                            1. This was thought to be the main reason for the starting of WW1.
                              1. On June 28,1914 Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife was shot dead by Gavrilo Princip, a member of the Black Hand.
                                1. Due to the blame of the Austrians blamed the Serbians and this caused Russia, Germany, France and Britain to mobilize their armies.
                              2. Bosnia who had some people from Serbia and got mad and this led to the assassination of the Archduke of Austria.
                            2. Alliances
                              1. Triple Alliance
                                1. Germany
                                  1. Italy
                                    1. Austria-Hungary
                                    2. Triple Entente
                                      1. Great Britain
                                        1. France
                                          1. Russia
                                        2. The Schlieffen Plan
                                          1. Was a plan created by the Germany chief of staff, Alfred von Schlieffen
                                            1. The plan was for Germany to have its soldiers attack the french capital,Paris.By, going through Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg.
                                              1. They had originally had hope to evade the French capital before they could mobilize their army and also Russia`s too.
                                                1. The plan failed because the Belgian army delayed them and Britain got involves sooner than they expected. Also the Russian army got mobilize in 10 days of the attack. Then, Germany was forced to retreat and now they were trapped on both the Eastern and Western fronts.
                                                2. The Battles
                                                  1. The Battle of Marne
                                                    1. This was the first battle of the War and marked the beginning of the trench warfare.
                                                      1. This battle was fought along the Marne river.
                                                        1. The Germans were trying to advance along the French line while the French and Belgium were trying to hold them off until reinforcements arrive.
                                                          1. Started on September 6, 1914.
                                                    2. The Battle of Ypres
                                                      1. Started on April 22-May 25, 2015.
                                                        1. Was the 1st battle that Canada took a part in.
                                                          1. This was a battle of chlorine and mustard gas attacks.
                                                            1. Thousands of ally soldiers died in this battle.
                                                      2. The Battle of Somme
                                                        1. Started on July 1-Nov 28,1916.
                                                          1. This battle was fought along the river somme with the French and Germans.
                                                            1. This battle was known as a bloodbath because there was more than 1 million men wounded or killed.
                                                        2. The Battle of Vimy Ridge
                                                          1. This victory was Canada's defining moment as a nation and was a major turning point in the war.
                                                            1. The French and the British troops had repeatedly failed to take Vimy Ridge from the Germans. So Canada an ally sent troops to help lead the allies to victory.
                                                              1. Started April 22-May 25,1915.
                                                          2. The Battle of Passchendale
                                                            1. Was the last battle of the war.
                                                              1. The battle was known as the "Battle of the mud".
                                                                1. This was a battle to take over the last German channels.
                                                                  1. There were thousands of causalities of Germans, British, French and Canadians.
                                                              2. Started July 31-Nov 10.1917.
                                                              3. The Christmas Truce
                                                                1. On Christmas Day 1914, the shots silenced and the German and British troops stop and sang carols and exchanged gifts with one another.
                                                                2. The Trenches
                                                                  1. The trenches was built around no man's land.
                                                                    1. The conditions were horrible.
                                                                      1. Death always followed, rat infestation, lice, diseases, gas, smell and to just be in one.
                                                                3. Propaganda
                                                                  1. Propaganda influenced many men to enlist in the war.
                                                                    1. Many propaganda poster each conveyed a different meaning. For example a patriotism or a adventure poster.
                                                                  2. The Treaty of Versailles
                                                                    1. Was the peace treaty that ended the war. It took 6 months to negotiate.
                                                                      1. The allies and Germany met in Paris to discuss the terms of Germany's surrender.
                                                                        1. Germany had no choice but to sign this treaty. And had conditions that they were applied to doing.
                                                                          1. Some of the things they had to give up were; returning the land they had taken, reduce it's military and pay the war costs.
                                                                      2. The war officially ended on November 11, 1918.
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