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  1. Volunteer
    1. City OF Brampton
      1. Volunteering at City Of Brampton offers activities such as Skating, swimming, dancing, badminton . I have the ability to perform these activities and excel at it . My interest include that i like being physical on my feet, and what other best way to this is other than volunterring at a recreational Centre.
      2. Rose Theater
        1. Working with play production, helping back stage is an interest i have and helping at rose theater can help me get experience in those fields
        2. Middle School PLays
          1. I have the interests in working with technical and creative skills of a movie . In addition , I also have the interest in having creative designs . By me volunteering at middle school plays near my area, will help me get experience.
          2. Community Centre ; like India Rainbow
            1. Front desk service; as my skills indicate that I am good at Providing Customer Service
            2. Clinic
              1. Doing customer service at the Counter; helping the receptionist with work. Doctor office in the Fortonios Plaza
              2. Teacher Assistanance
                1. I can volunteer at elementary schools during school hours. This consist of my skills that I have of teaching people . I enjoy spending time with kids and helping others is my top goal. I like to help whenever possible, and what better way could be do it other than helping young children succeed.
                2. YMCA
                  1. YMCA offers dance and fitness programs. I love dancing a hobby and a passion. I have the ability to dance and teach others how to dance I have the interests in being involved with music, dance and dram.
                3. Part-Time
                  1. I can work part time at different stores such as winner, or Rainbow kids in the customer service. I have the skill to provide customer and client service. I have the skill to pay attention to close details; and listening and solving people's crisies
                    1. I can work at time at City Of Brampton as a trained badminton player, or as a swimming instructor. I have the ability to play professional Badminton, and swim. My interests lies in doing active work , and staying physically active
                      1. I work part time at the photography store . I have the interest and the ability to take quality pictures with a camera. I pay close attention to details
                        1. I can work part time as a resturant worker; as i have the skill to provide and excel in lient service. Tim Hortons, Pizza Pizaa, are some examples
                        2. Summer work Experience
                          1. Summer Camp- it's a great work experience . There's a summer camp at the recreational centres for me to join as the volunteer or a leader. There's an organization summer camp called "Mind Zoned " that happens in my neighbourhood. I have the ability to teach and observe things. I have the leadership qualities required for these sources. I think this will be a great summer work experience for me to gain.
                            1. I can work at Photographer store during summer times. There's a lot of events that are help during the summer time and I can join the committee to photograph the event ; like Canada Day
                              1. I can apply at the salon. I have the ability to think of creative ideas . I have the ability to do great makeup and this can help me in my work. My aunts own a salon, and i can work there over the summer.
                                1. I can work as a cashier at various stores; since I quick learner, and know the what skills are required to make a customer happy. I am great at math.
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