Anthropology Theories

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A quick study tool about many theories in anthropolgy with some quick notes on sociology and phsycology.

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Anthropology Theories
1 Feminist Anthropology (Mid 20th Cenutury)
1.1 Is the field in anthropology that tries to reduce bias towards men.
1.1.1 Feminist anthropology has developed over the years it was first known as anthropology of women, then anthropology of gender, and lastly feminist anthropology. Feminism often happens in the workplace, the media, and society.
1.2 Eleanor Leacock
1.2.1 Studied the relationship between gender and class within society. She found that women were generally lower class than men.
1.2.2 Said that "gender subordination was linked to the hierarchical nature of society."
1.3 Ann Laura Stoler
1.3.1 Wanted to look at the female perspective in history. Rather than the male perspective which is more commonly addressed in most situations.
2 Sturucturalism (Mid 20th Century)
2.1 Believes that structure is more important than culutre. It also show the patterns that are in a superficial diversity.
2.2 Arthur Maurice Hocart
2.3 Claude Levi-Strauss
2.3.1 Introduced the idea that all cultures have a structure that has been there forever and can not be changed. He also believed that the structure of all cultures are very similar. Examples in today's society... Initiation into adulthood/groups... -21 shots on 21st birthday -Baptism Both initiations and rituals are found in many cultures. Looking back in history and today many people celebrate all of these. Rituals... -Weddings -Graduations -Anniversaries -Birthdays
3 Functionalism (Early 20th Century)
3.1 Analyses the significance of phenomena to a culture and more importantly what function it serves in society.
3.1.1 The belief that society functions off of traditions, ethics, and heritage.
3.2 Alfred Radcliffe
3.2.1 Father of modern British Anthropological Theory.
3.2.2 Disagreed with Malinowski's theory.
3.3 Bronislaw Malinowski
3.3.1 Malinowski believed that firstly the needs of an induvidual should be met. Once then needs of an induvidual is met in turn the induvidual will put something back into society allowing the society to dunction.
4 Materialism (late 19th Century)
4.1 Focuses on material objects. Does not have any interest in cultural values.
4.1.1 Things that are often materialized...electronics, clothing, vehicals, jewlery, shoes, and bags
4.1.2 People who are known for materialization... Paris Hilton, Kardashians, and Lady Gaga.
4.1.3 Materialism is often found in religons but instead of materialism it is refered to as "idols".
4.2 Karl Marx
4.2.1 Introduced the theory "the materialist conception of history". Looks at the changes in society that are influence by technology and not considered necessary for the society to survive. People who are very materialistic think about themselves and their possessions rather than others or culture.
4.3 Friedrich Engels
4.3.1 Engels worked closley with Marx and helped him create his theory. Engels agreed with the theory.
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