Political Dynasty

Rafaella Tapales
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Political Dynasty
  1. Government
    1. Legislative
      1. Senate
        1. House of Representatives
        2. Executive
          1. President
          2. Judiciary
            1. Supreme Court
              1. Regular Courts
                1. Court of Appeals
                  1. Regional Trial Court
                    1. Metropolitan Trial Court
                    2. Special Courts
                      1. Court of Tax Appeals
                        1. Sandiganbayan
                          1. Quasi-Judicial Agencies
                      2. Law
                        1. Bill2649-The Anti-Political Dynasty Act
                        2. Family
                          1. Parents
                            1. Children
                              1. Relatives
                              2. Effects
                                1. Monopolistic control of politicians
                                  1. No political equality
                                  2. Election
                                    1. Vote Buying
                                      1. Flying Voters
                                        1. Voting because of fame
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