static recycling rate in FBC

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cause and consequence diagram for promotion of recycling

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static recycling rate in FBC
  1. Less customer engagement
    1. customer dissatisfaction
      1. reduced awareness of recycling
        1. leads to increased refuse, compounds the issue
          1. People say 'why bother'
      2. Increased disposal costs as more refuse
        1. HCC pass costs on to FBC
          1. Capacity issues for trucks
            1. capacity issue at incinerator
          2. Stagnant or reduced recycling rate
            1. environmental impact
              1. CSR not met
                1. poor public perception of the Council
                2. EU targets and national targets not reached
                  1. Fines possible
                3. Stagnant recycling rate
                  1. recycling fatigue
                    1. public aware of it but bored of idea no incentive to carry on or improve
                      1. no new items can be recycled
                        1. no markets for several items that are collected for recycling
                          1. Oil prices reduced meaning virgin material product is cheaper
                            1. technology not available to use all types of plastic packaging that can be recycled, or it is too costly
                            2. disposal contract is set for 25 years, has been extended for a further 5, so will not end until after 2030
                              1. unable to alter HCC contract, predecessors tied us in
                        2. reduced staffing
                          1. redundancies
                            1. budget cuts
                              1. changes in government funding
                                1. austerity measures
                          2. reduced or no budget
                            1. budget cuts
                            2. pressure from HCC
                              1. budget cuts
                                1. efficiencies needed
                                  1. 50% recycling target
                                  2. National government pressure
                                    1. legislation
                                      1. 50% recycling target
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