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The Formation, Maintenance and Dissolution of Romantic Relationships

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1 Formation
1.1 The Filter Model
1.1.1 Kerchoff and Davis Longitudinal Study Independent Groups Group 1: less than 18 months Attitude most important Group 2: longer than 18 months Emotional Need more important Seven months
1.1.2 Social Demographic Age Sex Eductaion
1.1.3 Similarity of Attitudes/ Ideas It is easier to get along with people who have similar attitudes
1.1.4 Complementary of Emotional Needs Most important after 18 months
1.1.5 Gruber-Baldi Couples similar in Personality were more likely to be together 20 years later
1.2 Reward/Need Theory
1.2.1 Enter a relationship with a set of needs More those needs are met, the longer the relationship will last
1.2.2 Argyle
1.2.3 Smith and Mackie Relationships last longer if both partner's needs are met
2 Maintenance
2.1 Social Exchange Theory
2.1.1 Reward/Cost Equilibrium ^Reward = Profit ^Cost = Loss
2.1.2 Thibault and Kelley
2.1.3 CL
2.1.4 CL Alt
2.1.5 Jerstad Abused Partners do not Leave Relationships
2.2 Equity Theory
2.2.1 Relationships need to be equitable to work Equitable for both partners
2.2.2 Walster et al
2.2.3 Clark and Mills Not all relationships are beaded on economics
2.2.4 Stafford and Canary People happiest if they thought their relationship was equitable
3 Dissolution
3.1 Situational and Dispositional Factors
3.1.1 Duck
3.2 Duck and Rollie
3.2.1 Intra-Psychic Dyadic Social Grave Dressing Resurrection
3.3 Boekhout
3.3.1 Infidelity Men = lack of sexual excitement Women = lack of emotional satisfaction

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