Psychology of Learning - Created by Megan Pezley

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This concept is an overview of the major topics discussed in my Psychology of Learning class at Hannibal - LaGrange University.

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Psychology of Learning - Created by Megan Pezley
  1. Brain Research
    1. Concept Formation
      1. Vygotsky
      2. Decision Making
        1. Multitasking
          1. Gender Differences
            1. Women Have Better Blood Flow to the Brain, Allowing For Easier Recall of Memory
            2. Memory
              1. Becomes Worse With Age
                1. Imagery
                  1. Shape
                    1. Color
                      1. Movement
                      2. Brain Mapping
                        1. Whole Brain Teaching
                      3. Motivation
                        1. Intrinsic
                          1. Self-Efficacy
                            1. Best Motivation For Cognitive Skills
                            2. Extrinsic
                              1. Rewards, Work Best for Mechanical Skills
                                1. Decreases Productivity for Cognitive Tasks
                                2. Most Important Factor to Achievement
                                  1. Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
                                    1. Order of Priority for Human Needs
                                      1. Pygmalion Effect
                                    2. Teacher and Learner
                                      1. Piaget's Stages of Development
                                        1. Sensorimotor 0-2 years
                                          1. Preoperational 2-7 years
                                            1. Concrete Operational 7-11 years
                                              1. Formal Operational >11 years
                                                1. Lone Scientist
                                                  1. Integrating Multiple Instructional Strategies into the Classroom.
                                                  2. Learning Theories
                                                    1. Social Constructivist
                                                      1. Vygotsky
                                                        1. Cultural Tools Based on Experiences
                                                          1. Learning Takes Place Between Two People
                                                            1. ZPD
                                                              1. Scaffolding
                                                            2. Jerome Brunner
                                                              1. Scaffolding
                                                              2. Learning is Linked to Social Interaction
                                                                1. Group Work
                                                                  1. Reciprocal Teaching
                                                                2. Multiple Intelligences
                                                                  1. Howard Gardner
                                                                    1. Students Learn and Process Information in Different ways
                                                                      1. Behaviorism
                                                                        1. Ivan Pavlov
                                                                          1. Extrinsic Motivation
                                                                        2. Thinking
                                                                          1. Students Learn and Process Information in Different Ways
                                                                            1. Cognitive Style
                                                                              1. Innate Ability, or Determined in Early Development
                                                                                1. The Way in Which in Individual Thinks
                                                                                  1. Students Learn and Process Information in Different Ways
                                                                                  2. Bloom's Taxonomy
                                                                                    1. Classification of Higher Order Thinking Skills
                                                                                      1. The "Pyramid" Must Happen Sequentially in Order to Reach the Top
                                                                                    2. Howard Fisher
                                                                                      1. Questioning, Knowing How, When, and What to Ask.
                                                                                        1. Reasoning, Knowing and How and When to do so.
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