Singapore Botanical Gardens

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Movement and Drama Botany plan

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Singapore Botanical Gardens
  1. Visit to the Singapore Botanical Gardens
    1. Make charts of what flowers and trees were seen
      1. Do first-hand drawing of tree/plant/flower
      2. Language arts
        1. Famous gardeners
        2. Exploration
          1. Fictional book on garden and plants E.g. Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit
            1. Timelapse video of seeds germinating and growing into plants and flowers
            2. Music and Movement
              1. The flower dance
                1. The flower song
                  1. Use musical instruments to portray e.g. weather/ mood of flowers/
                    1. Identifying sounds in nature: wind, birds
                    2. Creative Drama
                      1. Pantomime movements of seeds and plants as they pretend to flowers that grow and dance
                        1. Flower shop Dramatic play
                          1. Do guided imagery of pretending to be a flower in a garden.
                            1. Poem about flowers/plants/trees
                            2. Visual Arts
                              1. Flower petal collage/ leaves collage
                                1. Tree bark tracing
                                  1. Photography
                                    1. stain glass
                                    2. designing a concept of a school garden (literacy)
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