Therapeutic Horticulture

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Therapeutic Horticulture

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Therapeutic Horticulture
  1. Physical Benefits
    1. Improved Immune Response
      1. Decreases Stress
        1. Decreases Heart Rate
          1. Promotes Physical Health
            1. Improves fine and gross motor skills and eye-hand coordination
            2. Social Benefits
              1. Improves Social Integration
                1. Increase Social Interaction
                  1. Provides for Healthier Patterns of Social Functioning
                    1. Improve Group Cohesion
                    2. Cognitive Benefits
                      1. Improves Concentration
                        1. Enhances Cognitive Functioning
                          1. Stimulates Memory
                            1. Improves Goal Achievement
                              1. Improves Attentional Capacity
                              2. Psychological Benefits
                                1. Reduce Stress
                                  1. Improves Quality of Life
                                    1. Increase Self-esteem
                                      1. Improve Sense of Well-being
                                        1. Improve Mood
                                          1. Decrease Anxiety
                                            1. Alleviate Depression
                                              1. Improve Sense of Personal Worth
                                                1. Increase Feelings of Calm & Relaxation
                                                  1. Increase Sense of Stability
                                                    1. Increase Sense of Control
                                                      1. Improve Personal Satisfaction
                                                        1. Increase Sense of Pride and Accomplishment
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