Education and Social Class

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Education and Social Class
1 Stratification
1.1 dividing society into social groups
1.2 These social groups then develop the same/similar social/cultural characteristics
1.2.1 This is how sociologists can group people
1.2.2 E.G. upper class Royals Dukes/Lords Aristocracy Middle Class Teachers Doctors Lawyers Working Class Builders painters Cleaners
2 Differences in education
2.1 pattern is that children from higher classes will do better than lower classes
2.1.1 Middle class children are more likely to be able to Read placed in higher groups more likely to go to university stay in education This is due to middle class parents being/having less money stress private tutors able to buy a good home near good schools more pro active with schooling internal and external factors affect all this too more likely to have their own room to study in at home (external)
2.2 This inequality starts at primary age
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