Sven E Carlson Music video theory

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Sven E Carlson Music video theory
  1. Sven E Carlsson believes that binary opposites highlight the narrative of the music video. For example black and white.
    1. There are two main types of music videos
      1. Performance- the video mainly shows the artist singing or dancing
        1. There are three main types of performance clips
          1. song performance
            1. Dance performance
              1. instrumental performance
              2. The artist usually appears in multiple locations.
                1. The artist can be used as a commercial exhibitionist where they are a se.lling item who people would aspire to
                  1. High quality video, appeals to a large audience,, high key lighting
                  2. Electronic shaman is another type of a performance clip- the artist is invisible and the artist's voice reflects the images.
                    1. As well as televised bard- the artist is a siniging storyteller
                  3. Conceptual-something other than the artist is shown in the video which usually has a meaning
                    1. Usually creates a more artistic and creative video.
                2. A narrative clip shows a story throughout the video for example Taylor Swift's 'Blank Space' and George Ezra's 'Blame it on me' are both narrative videos. However unlike some narrative clip, these examples include lip-synching.
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