Social Media Collaboration for EHR Adoption

Tammy Borchardt
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Tammy Borchardt
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Utilizing social media to allow providers within a large medical organization to assists each other with adoption of a new Electronic Health Record (EHR)

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Social Media Collaboration for EHR Adoption
  1. Determine best suited platform
    1. Research social media best practices
      1. Demo platforms
    2. Seed the platform with tutorials
      1. Identify super users to build/test tutorials
        1. Tutorial usability testing
        2. Identify target audience
          1. Regional representatives
            1. Medical Center POCs
              1. Weekly promotion at appropriate venues
          2. Effectiveness metrics
            1. Social platform use rates by medical center
              1. EHR adoption success
                1. Encounter throughput/error rates
                  1. Help desk utilization
                    1. Provider satisfaction/confidence
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