"Social media"


An exposition about what is social media
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"Social media"
  1. community manager
    1. is a person that interact with the consumer for the good of the brand
    2. web conferences
      1. a conference transmited by an electronic device
      2. Prosumer
        1. is a person that a brand use him\her to their beneffit (opinions, new ideas)
        2. The Web Generation
          1. is the group of people that born in the generation of ethernet
          2. Social Media
            1. websites where people share information each other
            2. Blogs
              1. a website where somebody upload inforation of a topic
              2. Viral content
                1. is a post that has been watched and shared by a lot of people
                2. Databases
                  1. is the informtion that a website, a group or individuals are allowed to interact
                  2. Streaming
                    1. audio and adiovisual recordered content that is played in apps or websites
                    2. Podcast
                      1. is the recorded audio that can be listened whenever you want if you're connect with enthernet
                      2. the new media
                        1. is the tangible and untangible way of transmition of information
                        2. cinematics
                          1. Is how to make and promote movies
                          2. Discussion websites
                            1. a discussion in a social network about a topic in common
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