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  1. Laura's best friend is Soriya
    1. The are always together even though they argue about almost everything
      1. Soriya isn't as brave as Laura thats why Laura calls her a chicken
        1. They are always at each others houses and spend every moment together
        2. A significant event for Laura's family was on February 13th, 2008 when Prime Minister Kevin Rudd made an apology to all indigenous Australians for actions by previous Governments
          1. Laura is part of the aboriginal culture.
            1. She likes to keep an aboriginal flag key ring with her keys so she can keep a symbol of her identity close to her so she can have a sense of belonging within her community and culture.
            2. Laura had a dog called Gully that passed away a while ago.
              1. He was named Gully because Laura's uncle found him in a gully in the snowy mountains
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