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The Great Gatsby


The Great Gatsby
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The Great Gatsby
  1. Jay Gatsby
    1. Main Character; Handsome and impractical
      1. Wealthy young man trying to impress his former love Daisy Buchanan
        1. Influenced by the American Dream
        2. Daisy Buchanan
          1. Nick Carraway's cousin and Married to Tom Buchana
            1. Beautiful and Elegant
              1. Former lover of Jay Gatsby
              2. Jordan Baker
                1. Daisy's best friend and Nick Carraways love interest
                  1. Dishonest and self-centered
                    1. represents the new women of the 1920's
                    2. Myrtle Wilson
                      1. Married to George Wilson but is infactuated with Tom Buchanan and his mistress
                        1. Lives in the valley of ashes
                          1. Desperate and trashy
                          2. Nick Carraway
                            1. Narrator; Honest and observant
                              1. Moves to New York to learn the bond business
                                1. Befriends Jay Gatsby and helps him in his attempts to see Daisy
                                2. Tom Buchanan
                                  1. Married to Daisy
                                    1. Powerful and very wealthy
                                      1. Arrogant cheater and hypocritical as he becomes aware of Gatsby's plan to win back Daisy
                                      2. The Book
                                        1. Biography of the author; F. Scott Fitzgerald


                                          1. The Summary


                                            1. The Analysis


                                              1. Readers Guide


                                              2. George Wilson
                                                1. Myrtle Wilsons husband
                                                  1. Owns a gas station and repair shop in the valley of ashes
                                                    1. Exhausted worker and killer of Jay Gatsby
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