The beginning of Rock

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Created by mvyoungblutt.45 almost 6 years ago
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The beginning of Rock
1 1960's
1.1 The Beatles
1.1.1 First hit single "love me do" in 1962
1.1.2 Beatlemania British invasion
1.1.3 song titles Elanor Rigby Yesterday Penny Lane The fall on the hill Help From me to you
1.1.4 Band members Paul McCartney John Lennon George Harrison Ringo Star
1.1.5 they were pioneers because they had no individual singer presented themselves as a group didnt worry about commercial considerations used non rock instruments explored other cultures
1.2 Beach Boys
1.2.1 competed with the beatles for fame
1.2.2 Another leading band
1.2.3 song titles wipe out i can hear music
1.2.4 from California, America songs reflected beach life manager was Murray
1.2.5 artists wilson brothers brian, carl and dennis cousins Al Jardine and Mike Love
2 1950s
2.1 parents thought it made teens rebel
2.2 artist
2.2.1 Chuck berry
2.2.2 Litte richard
2.2.3 Jerry Lee Lewis
2.2.4 Buudy holly
2.2.5 Bill Hayley
2.2.6 Elvis Presley
2.3 influenced by rhythm and blues
2.4 Characteristics
2.4.1 strong rythms
2.4.2 Singable melodies
2.4.3 simple accompaniments
2.4.4 12 bar blues
2.4.5 exciting
2.4.6 frenzied
2.4.7 wild sound
2.4.8 lyrics about dancing and teenagers
2.4.9 beat for dancing
2.5 rock n roll developed by rhythm and blues and country and western
2.6 culture
2.6.1 developed into teenage movement
2.6.2 own subculture
2.6.3 distinctive fashion
2.6.4 own films and dance steps
2.7 Structure was
2.7.1 verse, chorus, pre-chorus, bridge, solo then outro

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