the new irish stste

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Created by keeshansheila1 almost 6 years ago
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the new irish stste
1 Cumann na nGaedheal
1.1 aims
1.1.1 law and order Garda Siochana Public Safety Act power arrest people did not like government treaty court system reorganised
1.1.2 rebuilding economy Shannon Scheme esb distribuate electricity hydroelctric dam agriculture higher standards meat eggs milk better animal breeding methods costs low loans
1.1.3 writing Constitution part British Commonwealth Ireland Oireachtas dail seanad Anglo Irish Treaty Boundary Commison changes Northern Ireland made no statute of westminister
2 Eamon de valera
2.1 dismantling the treaty
2.1.1 Anglo Irish Treaty statute of westminister abolish laws britain made Ireland changes abolishing governor general king of england head state oath of allegiance
2.1.2 eire president catholic church rule northern ireland
2.2 defeating
2.2.1 IRA did not believe de valera doing enough republic banned IRA
2.2.2 blueshirts formed protect Cumann na nGaedheal Ira attack Duffy planned march remember deaths griffith +collins De valera banned thought blueshirts fascists
2.3 economic war
2.3.1 de valera stopped paying land annuities loans farmers got British government repayments
2.3.2 British government taxes Irish cattle
2.3.3 end=anglo irish aggreement Irish governemt pay 10m annuities British government gave back treaty ports
2.4 second world war
2.4.1 neutrality showed Irelands independence IBritain protest northern ireland part britain Ireland weak country fiight stronger countries
2.4.2 dangers Ira wanted help Germany invade NI bRITAIN WANTED ireland join war

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