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Victoria Leong
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  1. Guilt
    1. he would not have undergone self-reassesment without Laura
      1. despises his father for being able to be leave without guilt
        1. because his father has abandoned him before, he is more aware of the pain of abandonment
          1. intensified his guilt
          2. hello goodbye card
            1. smiling picture on the wall
          3. Destruction of illusion
            1. illusion: leaving the house will grant him freedom
              1. freedom = happiness
                1. however he will forever haunted by the memory of Laura
                  1. family will always be a part of him
                  2. realisation that he will never be free from moral obligation
                    1. choosing to ignore such obligations does not equate to freedom
                    2. reconciliation with reality
                      1. breaking point: You live in a dream; you manufacture illusions!
                        1. when confronted with reality, they feel vulnerable
                          1. this vulnerability and fear pushes Tom to leave
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