Old Testament

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Old testament 3 eras

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Old Testament
  1. 1. Creation
    1. God created the whole world in 7 days
      1. First Day he created Light
        1. He said that it was good.
          1. The seventh day he rested.
          2. First thing he said that wasn't good was being lonely.
            1. God created Eve from Adam's rib.
          3. 2. The Fall
            1. Adam and Eve lived in the garden of Eden.
              1. Satan was a snake
                1. Adam and Eve were allowed to eat from every tree except for one
                  1. This was the tree of knowledge
                    1. Satan tried to convince them both to eat from the tree.
                      1. Eve ate first and convinced Adam to also
              2. 7. King Saul
                1. King Saul was the first King of Israel ever.
                  1. The people begged God for a king so he gave them Saul
                    1. He was annointed by Samuel
                      1. Saul was a very Military acting King.
                        1. Saul tried to kill David out of jelousy
                          1. Saul killed himself
                2. 8. King David
                  1. He was the 2nd king
                    1. Saul tried to kill him
                      1. David killed Goliath
                        1. David knew how to play the harp.
                          1. David trusted God very much
                            1. He had many brothers
                  2. 9. King Solomon
                    1. King Solomon was the 3rd King
                      1. God offered him anything and he chose wisdom
                        1. He built the temple
                          1. He is known for his wisdom from a story of two mothers
                            1. He was the son of David
                              1. His wives turned his heart towards other gods.
                    2. 4. Abraham
                      1. Abraham was first named Abram
                        1. Abraham was married to Sarah
                          1. They had a son named Isaac
                            1. God promised Abraham a nation with as many stars in the sky.
                              1. God told Abraham to sacrifice his son
                                1. Abraham was going to do it but God stopped him
                      2. 6. Moses and The Exodus
                        1. Moses was floated down the Nile as a baby.
                          1. He grew up in Pharaoh's house.
                            1. God commands him to save Israel through a burning bush.
                              1. Moses brings his brother Aaron.
                                1. God sends 10 plagues to Egypt.
                                  1. Pharaoh finally lets the Israelites go
                        2. 3. Noah and the Flood
                          1. The whole world was bad
                            1. Everyone except for Noah.
                              1. God commanded Noah to build an Ark.
                                1. God told Noah to bring two of every animal on board.
                                  1. The flood lasted 40 days and 40 nights.
                                    1. God promised never to do this again by showing them a rainbow.
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