Old Testament Review

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Old Testament Review

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Old Testament Review
  1. 1. Creation
    1. In the beginning god created the heavens and the earth
      1. It took 6 days to create the world
        1. Everyday something was added on
        2. On the sixth day God created animals and man
          1. Adam was created first
            1. Eve was made out of a rib from Adam
        3. 6. Judges
          1. Judges came before they had Kings
            1. Deborah was the most famous Female Judge
            2. Samson was a famous judge known for his muscles
              1. His long hair gave him his strengh
                1. He was tricked by his girlfriend and she shaved his head
                  1. He was never strong again
              2. 3. The Flood
                1. God told Noah to build an ark
                  1. God tells him to bring two of every animal on it
                    1. Noah brings his family along
                  2. It rains for 40 days and 40 nights
                    1. Noah sends a dove to find land
                      1. Noah didn't know what rain was
                    2. 5. Jacob and his family
                      1. Jacob had 12 sons
                        1. Joseph was the youngest and his favorite
                          1. He was given a coat of many colors as a gift from his father
                          2. Joseph's brothers attacked him and smeared animal blood on his coat
                            1. They sold him into slavery
                              1. They showed Jacob the coat and told him he was dead
                          3. 8.Civil War
                            1. Assyrians conquer the north
                              1. Assyrians are known for brutality
                                1. Later renamed Israel
                                2. The Babylonians destroy the south
                                  1. Their famous king is King Nebuchadnezzar
                                    1. Later called Judah
                                  2. 2. The Fall
                                    1. God told Adam and Eve not to eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil
                                      1. Adam listened to God
                                        1. Eve ate from the tree
                                        2. Satin disguised as a serpent came into the garden
                                          1. The serpent told Eve to eat from the tree
                                            1. The serpent was cursed and its legs were removed
                                          2. 7. The Kings
                                            1. Samuel was the final Judge
                                              1. There were four kings
                                                1. 1. Saul
                                                  1. 2. David
                                                    1. 3. Solomon
                                                      1. 4. Rehoboam
                                                    2. 4.Blessings of Abraham
                                                      1. Abraham is the father of many nations
                                                        1. He has a brother named Aaron and a wife named Sarah
                                                        2. He was promised three things from God
                                                          1. His children will be as numerous as the stars
                                                            1. He will be a great nation
                                                              1. His descendants will bless the world
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