Women in Post-War Society - Roles & Attitudes

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11 Yr 9-10 History (Australia's Social & Cultural History in the Post-War Period) Mind Map on Women in Post-War Society - Roles & Attitudes, created by ElsienaKate on 11/05/2013.

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Women in Post-War Society - Roles & Attitudes
1 Clear expections of the role of women in the 1950s
1.1 Childbearers
1.2 Homemakers
2 Women had limited freedom
2.1 Most women were unable to borrow from banks
2.2 Effectively unde the control of their husbands in most legal and financial matters
3 Most girls only had a basic education
3.1 Higher education was expensive
4 Most women could only work until they married
4.1 Some companies expected girls to resign once married
4.2 Little opportunity for promotion
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