Elements of the Novel

Sydne Sexton
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Elements of the Novel
  1. Fault in Our Stars
    1. Setting
      1. Place: Indianapolis, Indiana
        1. Time: Present time
        2. Characters
          1. Hazel Grace Lanchester
            1. Fighting Cancer. In love with Augustus Waters
            2. Augustus Waters
              1. Very laid back. In love with Hazel Grace
              2. Hazel's Mom
                1. Worries a lot about Hazel. Wants only the best for Hazel
              3. Theme
                1. Even if you have very little time to live you still have time to do the things in life that you want to do most
                  1. Because throughout the who story it talks about how she has so little things that she wants to do but yet so little time to do those things
                  2. Conflict
                    1. Problem: Hazel is only 16 and there is some much she wants to do before she dies
                      1. Cause~ She has cancer
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