Ireneaus' Polemic Against Heresy

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Ireneaus' Polemic Against Heresy
1 Introduction
1.1 According to Hughes "He is a man of current affairs, a busy bishop serving a fronteir diocese. He is the greatest force between st paul and st augustine."
1.2 Born in Smyrna
1.3 Taught by Polycarp
1.4 Avoided persecution due to being in Rome protesting Heresies
2 Volumes of work
2.1 Composed a five volumed work called against herasies
2.1.1 Influenced by gnosticism
2.2 Influenced by Valentinion Gnostics, lead by Marcus and his followers
2.3 Book One
2.3.1 Gave an account of the beliefs of Valentinians
2.3.2 Universal churches beliefs Contrasted with beliefs of Valentinians
2.3.3 Gnostic teachers Simon Magus to Ophites
2.4 Book 2
2.4.1 Refuted Gnosticism
2.5 Book 3
2.5.1 Gnostic teachings contrasted with apistolic tradition
2.5.2 Unity of apistolic teaching
2.5.3 rejection of doectism
2.6 Book 4
2.6.1 Argue against Marcianism
2.6.2 Affirms common divine author
2.6.3 affirms the common divine author of two covenants
2.7 Book 5
2.7.1 Affirms the ressurection of Jesus due to Gnostic denials
2.7.2 Referance is made to the antichrist
3 NP
3.1 decribed the gnostic system by exposing contradictions to Gnostic teachings
3.2 Incredible and Incoherant - Erick Osboom
4 Secret Teachings
4.1 Claimed teachings were secret apistolic traditons
4.2 Valentinians claimed their leader was taught by a disciple of Paul
4.3 Irenius dismissed this claim and preserved their sucessive bishops with the inconsistant alleged apistolic traditons
5 Rule Of Faith
5.1 Apistolically founded churches were known as ROF
5.1.1 Criteria by which heretical interpretations of scriptures could be tested
5.2 Criticised gnostic misinterpretation and misapplication of the scriptures
5.2.1 Described them as unreasonable & perverse
6 Controversy
6.1 recognised the need for agreement on authorative Christian writings
6.2 Accepts that some writings ended up as NT canon
7 Polemic
7.1 Required a positive statement of church beliefs
7.1.1 Gnosticism rejected one God who was the creator
7.1.2 By means of words or wisdom he created the world
7.2 created the doctrine of copulation believing everything is restored through Jesus
8 Conclusion
8.1 Irenius completely refuted Gnosticism
8.2 His work is slightly unreliable as he is biased

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