Chapter 15: Advertising and Public Relations

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Chapter 15: Advertising and Public Relations
  1. Advertising
    1. 4 important decisions when developing an advertising program
      1. 1. Objectives setting
        1. 3 different advertising objectives
          1. to inform (information advertising) for introducing new products
            1. to persuade (persuasive advertising) for when competition gets tough
              1. to remind (reminder advertising) for mature products
            2. 2. Budget decision
              1. 3. Developing an advertising strategy (message decisions + media decisions)
                1. Selecting Adveritising Media
                  1. 4 Major steps
                    1. 1. Deciding on reach, frequeny and impact
                      1. 2. Choosing among major media types
                        1. 3. Selecting specific media vehicles
                          1. 3 Media effectiveness factors
                            1. audience quality
                              1. audience engagement
                                1. editorial quality
                              2. 4. Deciding on media timing
                                1. a. decide how to schedule the advertising over the course of the year
                                  1. b. choose the pattern of the ads
                                    1. 2 types of patterns
                                      1. continuity (scheduling ads evenly within a given period)
                                        1. pulsing (scheduling ads unevenly over a given time period)
                              3. 4. Advertising Evaluation
                                1. advertisers should regularly evaluate two types of advertising results
                                  1. communication effects
                                    1. sales and profits effects
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