Elements of a Novel

Grace Girten
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Grace Girten
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7th Grade book project Inhuman

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Elements of a Novel
  1. Main Conflict
    1. Cause: Mack was caught doing illegal fetches and will be executed if his daughter lane doesn't give him a letter
      1. Conflict/problem: Lane has to venture into the feral zone to bring him a letter that will save his life
      2. Characters
        1. Lane
          1. Kind
            1. Determind
            2. Rafe
              1. free spirited
                1. Smart
                2. Everson
                  1. driven
                    1. caring
                  2. Setting
                    1. Time: Future
                      1. Place/location: Davenport and moline in the feral zone
                      2. Theme
                        1. Theme: Don't judge a book by their cover
                          1. How brought out in book: Many of the people,places,and things were very different than they expected
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