Elements of the Novel

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This is my book project.

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Elements of the Novel
1 Theme
1.1 Theme: Teachers can change kid's lifes.
1.2 All of the seven kids changed when they were in Mr. Terupt's class
2 Setting
2.1 Snow Hill School
2.2 September-June
3 Characters
3.1 Jessica
3.1.1 Kind
3.1.2 Goes with the flow
3.2 Anna
3.2.1 Shy
3.2.2 Scared
3.3 Alexia
3.3.1 Mean/rude
3.3.2 Nice
4 because of mr. terupt
5 Main Conflict
5.1 Mr. Terupt went in a coma from a snowball
5.2 He woke up from his coma. In the end they got to do this new thing called loop where you move up with your teacher.
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