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book project

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1 By- Tim Green
1.1 Setting
1.1.1 Place/location : Kelly's house
1.1.2 Time : Football season Winter, Fall
2 Characters
2.1 Harrison
2.1.1 Tall Crippled
2.2 Coach
2.2.1 Buzz cut Well Built
2.3 Jennifer
2.3.1 Blond hair small
3 Theme
3.1 Theme : You can do all things that you put your mind to.
3.2 The book told you the theme when By Harrison's work outs and he put his mind on being able to play football
4 Main conflict
4.1 Problem : Harrison has bone canser
4.1.1 And had to get his leg amputated
4.2 Cause : during football practice Harrison got hit in the knee and felt sharp pain.
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