Skeleton Creek

Aidan Grafft
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Skeleton Creek
1 Main Conflict!
1.1 Cause: Old Joe Bush died and Sarah and Ryan go to the dredge.
1.2 Conflict/Problem: Ryan and Sarah are being haunted as they are trying to solve the secrets of Skeleton Creek
2 Characters
2.1 Sarah
2.1.1 Characteristic's:Brave, Observent
2.2 Ryan
2.2.1 Characteristic:'s: Timide, Creative
2.3 Old Joe Bush
2.3.1 Characteristic's: Insane,Deaded
3 Theme
3.1 How brought Out in the book: Ryan's found a paper that connected him to the dredge secret organisation.
3.2 Message/Theme: Be adventures and also be careful who you trust.
4 Setting
4.1 SKeleton Creek, Oregon.
4.2 Modern Day!
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