Foul trouble

Charles Clauson
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Charles Clauson
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Foul trouble
1 main conflict
1.1 Terrel jamerson is a basketball phenom. So everyone wants to be his friends. Two choices the right one or the wrong one what
1.2 The cause is he is supposed to be a really good player.
2 theme
2.1 How brought out in story: his (Terrel jamerson) fake friends didn't have his back but the real ones did.
2.2 The message is to trust your real friends.
3 Characters
3.1 Terrel
3.1.1 funny
3.1.2 athletic
3.2 Danny
3.2.1 funny
3.2.2 smart
3.3 coach wilcox
3.3.1 smart
3.3.2 loyal
4 setting
4.1 time:present
4.2 place: massachusets
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