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Can-GMOs-be-used-to-feed-a-rising-world-population PLAN


This is my Plan for my EPQ
Dylan Kaler
Mind Map by Dylan Kaler, updated more than 1 year ago
Dylan Kaler
Created by Dylan Kaler over 6 years ago

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Can-GMOs-be-used-to-feed-a-rising-world-population PLAN
  1. Is the public willing to eat GMOs?
    1. Do they feel there are any ethical concequences?
      1. Questionnaire
        1. Playing god
          1. Cross species trans-genics
          2. Would they want GM foods to be labelled?
              1. US labelling debate


              2. Would they want to eat it?
                1. Would they if it was cheaper?
                  1. Hungaria Case burning GM corn


                    1. Scotland going GMO free


                  2. Can they be used to create a high enough yeild?
                    1. How are they made?
                      1. Super pests/super weeds
                        1. Effects on local biodiversity
                          1. Agri-chemical companies
                            1. Golden Rice
                              1. Enhanced growth
                                1. Climate resistance
                                  1. Economic Impact
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