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Elements of a Novel


book project
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Elements of a Novel
  1. Characters
    1. Nathaniel Peirce
      1. Loyal/Brave
      2. Lorelei Chase
        1. Curious/leardership
      3. Rebel Spirits
        1. Main Conflict
          1. Conflict--Trying to find the murderer of Nathaniel Peirce.
            1. Cause--Nathan was murdered in 1870 and as a ghost he thinks Lori can help him find the murderer.
          2. Theme
            1. Don't give up until you secede.
              1. How brought out in the book: Lori didn't stop trying to find Nathans murderer until she found the clue that told her everything.
              2. Setting
                1. Modern/summer
                  1. Gettysburg, Pensylvania
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