The cold war - Stalin tightens his control

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The cold war - Stalin tightens his control
1 Eastern European countries = weak = needed to be rehabilitated = they made teritorial advances
2 They pushed people out and occupied spaces using USSR communist armies
3 Eastern European countries became soviet satellite = had own govt. but lived under communist rules
4 According to Yalta: democratic govt was supposed to be allowed but USSR still became communist
5 They have great territorial advances through eastern Europe. Stalin put into place communism and took out any communist opposition = west got Scared
6 The East
6.1 Felt Vulnerable = atomic bomb = needed to protect herself
6.2 Gaining territory = got resources = strained after war
6.3 Stalin wanted to create buffer zone = Germany
6.3.1 Buffer Zone = neutral area used by one area to create barrier or separate
6.4 pattern of conquest = was to spread communism
7.1 Realised stalin was a dictator = Hugely alarmed
7.2 West didn't want another war
7.3 1946 Church hill makes iron curtain specch
7.3.1 Iron curtain split Europe into two West being individual , democratic liberated, East is Limited, communist. He says that allies must combat the situation
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