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effective citizens


effective citizens
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effective citizens
  1. history
    1. anaylze past battles
      1. organize events from BC
        1. identify different types of government
          1. list the effects of an invasion
            1. teach about ancient egyptians
              1. radio-carbon date the age of dinosaur bones
                1. analyze the major events of the Ming dynasty
                  1. make a timeline of the Indus river civilizations
                  2. economics
                    1. make a household buget
                      1. contact your representative
                        1. work on protecting wild life
                          1. support clean water projects
                            1. decide how many goods to produce this quarter
                              1. use data to predict population density for your city in 20 years
                                1. design and sell auto parts
                                  1. work in a dimond mine in sierra leone
                                  2. government
                                    1. gather evidence to choose a position about the issue
                                      1. participate in a formal debate with factual evidence
                                        1. write or sign a petition
                                          1. make a deal with a chiinese company to trade smart watches
                                            1. go to a political rally
                                              1. represent the USA as an ambassador in Kenya
                                                1. run for city council
                                                  1. represent a defendant at a criminal trials
                                                    1. be a police officer
                                                      1. know the bill of rights
                                                      2. geography
                                                        1. use scale maps to figure out where citys are
                                                          1. understand diffrent religious beliefs and how they impact life
                                                          2. hire a distribution company to move your products to another state
                                                            1. live among and study the various bantu tribes
                                                              1. write a travel guide to indonesia
                                                                1. captain a ship across the atlantic
                                                                  1. learn the favorite foods of jungle pygmies
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