Greek Medicine

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Greek Medicine
1 Hippocrates
1.1 Hippocratic Corpus
1.2 Observations
1.2.1 Hippocrates used to observe his patients to get a better understanding of their symptoms & therefore how to treat them
1.3 Natural Cures
1.3.1 Many of the cures used by Hippocrates and other Greek doctors were natural, using herbs and other ingrediants to form cures for all sorts of illnesses
1.4 Four Humours Theory
1.4.1 If the fluids in the body were out of balance then a person would become ill
1.4.2 The body was thought to be made up of 4 fluids Blood Yellow Bile Pheglem Black Bile
2 The Ascelpion
2.1 Priests were the ones to administer cures NOT the Gods
2.1.1 The God Asclepius would appear when the patient was sleeping and cure them
2.2 Priests encouraged the ill to sleep in the temple of Asclepius
2.3 Mixture of Supernatural & Natural Cures
2.3.1 Supernatural Cures Gifts to the Gods Charms Prayers
2.3.2 Natural Cures Rest Honey Herbs
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