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Effective Citizens


Vincent Ward
Mind Map by Vincent Ward, updated more than 1 year ago
Vincent Ward
Created by Vincent Ward over 6 years ago

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Effective Citizens
  1. Civics
    1. Gather Evidence
      1. Formal Debate
        1. Identify Govenments
          1. Contact Representitive
            1. Represent the US
              1. Know the Bill of Rights
              2. Run for City concil
                1. Represent a defendent
                  1. Police officer
                  2. Sign Petition
                    1. Go to a political Rally
                2. History
                  1. Analyze Past Battles
                    1. BC events
                      1. Invasion Effects
                        1. teach about ancient egyptians
                          1. Dinosaur Bones
                            1. Analyze Ming
                              1. Timeline for river Civilations
                            2. Geography
                              1. Map Scale
                                1. Religious Belifes
                                  1. Bantu Tribes
                                    1. Captain a ship across the atlantic
                                      1. Favorite foods of Jungle pygmis
                                        1. City Density
                                          1. Work in a diamond mine
                                        2. Write a travel guide
                                        3. Econimics
                                          1. Make Budget
                                            1. Protect Wildlife
                                              1. Producing Goods
                                                1. Deal with the Chinese
                                                2. Clean Water
                                                  1. Sell auto parts
                                                  2. Distribution Company
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