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Roles and Responsibilities and skills of a Fashion BAA


Rebecca Freedman.
Rebecca Freedman
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Rebecca Freedman
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Roles and Responsibilities and skills of a Fashion BAA
  1. Liasing with and chasing the suppliers
    1. Administritive support to the buying department
      1. Meeting preparations
        1. Dealing with phone/email enquiries
          1. Organising product rails
            1. Assisting with fitting sessions
              1. Writing product descriptions
                1. Creating and maintaining the critical path
                  1. Build good relationships with suppliers
                    1. Collecting samples
                      1. Ability to make decisons under pressure
                        1. Recognising future trends
                          1. Negotiating skills
                            1. Strong organisational skills
                              1. Being analytical
                                1. IT skills
                                  1. communicate effectively
                                    1. Creating mood boards
                                      1. Being a good team player
                                        1. The Fashion BAA might work with a buyer, a technician and a merchandiser
                                          1. Career opportunities for a Fashion BAA: Buyers Assistant, Assistant Buyer, Buyer, Head of category-dresses and a Head of division.
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