The Battle of Hastings

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The Battle of Hastings
1 People
1.1 Anglo-Saxon Army
1.1.1 Fyrd Part time soldiers, called up when country in danger
1.1.2 Housecarls Full time pro soldiers, were well trained, paid
1.1.3 William of Normandy
1.2 Norman Army
1.2.1 All highly trained and full time pro soldiers Horsemen/Cavalry Archers Footsoldiers/ Spearmen
1.2.2 King Harold Godwin
2 Places
2.1 Battlefield
2.1.1 English House carls Middle of shield wall Fyrds Edges of shield wall army Senlac hill good defensive position
2.1.2 Normans Archers at front of army Spearmen and foot soldiers behind archers Horse men Back of army
2.1.3 Marshes unsuitable for horsemen
2.1.4 River
3 Events
3.1 Before battle
3.1.1 English Didn't sleep Drank and sang all night
3.1.2 Normans Prayed night before Church in morning
3.2 Heading to battle
3.2.1 English Marched on foot battle axes joined shields for protection
3.2.2 Normans Foot soldiers at front bows and arrows cavalry at back
3.3 Start of battle
3.3.1 blowing of trumpets announced start for both sides
3.3.2 Normans First to attack
3.3.3 English Threw javelins and missiles attacked enemy with axes advantages high position massed tightly together weapons cut through shields easily
3.3.4 Sat 14th Oct
3.4 During battle
3.4.1 William encouraged soldiers by shouting fierce first to attack fought in middle of enemy
3.4.2 Harold brave fought like soldier killed many enemy close up normans feared him
3.4.3 even for several hours
3.4.4 Normans Thought Duke was dead he showed he was still alive Cunning plans Fake retreats twice pretended to run away english ran at them then normans turned and fought Archers Aimed high to distract saxons William led another charge Shield wall collapses Harolds brothers killed William sends hit squad to kill Harold Harold killed by long range bow above right eye
3.5 Aftermath
3.5.1 Harold and brothers dead Saxon army lose heart and run away Normans chased them until night fall William and Normans win

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