Hungary Uprising 1956

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Hungary Uprising 1956
1 Leaders
1.1 Gero
1.1.1 Unpopular Demonstration JUNE 1956-OCT 1956
1.2 Rakosi
1.2.1 Unpopular 'Stalin's best pupil' Hard line communist Was opposed by a Communist group and then asked Moscow leaders to arrest 400 political opponents Was forced to retire by Khrushchev due to 'Health reasons' 1947-JUNE 1956
1.3 Nagy
1.3.1 Very popular Had plans for Hungary like: free elections Leave the Warsaw Pact Caused Khrushchev to get very unhappy with Nagy and move in Soviet troops and tanks into Budapest Give ownership back to farmers and businesses Stop using secret police
1.4 Kadar
1.4.1 Nagy and his leaders were executed Kadar took over in NOV 1956 and took several months to crush all rebellions He reassured Khrushchev that Hungary were not going to leave the Warsaw Pact
2 Key Events
2.1 Student Demonstration
2.1.1 23rd October 1956 Stalin Statue torn down
2.2 People unhappy with Communist rule
2.2.1 Losing freedom of speech, lived in fear of secret police and resented the troops stationed in their country
2.3 November 1956
2.3.1 Tanks and troops moved into Budapest because of Nagy's reforms 3,000 Hungarians killed 7.000 Russians killed 200,000 Hungarians evacuated Hungary to Austria to leave the Communist rule
3 Khrushchev - leader of the USSR
3.1 De-stalinisation

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