SLA Processes and Theories

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SLA Processes and Theories

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SLA Processes and Theories
  1. Stephen Krashen
    1. THEORY: Anything that helps make input comprehensible helps Language Acquision
      1. Means that anything we can demonstrate or display as an aide in learning the language will help tremendously
        1. An application of this would be using picture illustrations when referring to items or vocabulary terms or being able to point to these items.
      2. THEORY: We all acquire language the same way.
        1. Means that we all learn in the same manner of seeing , touching, feeling , listening, and observing.
          1. An application of this would be learning colors as a kid. I could tell you all the colors of the rainbow but until we see the colors you would have no idea of what the color is.
      3. Jim Cummins
        1. THEORY: That there are patterns of vocabulary
          1. Means that vocabulary in all languages, that they have common prefixes, roots, and suffix on most words
            1. An application of this would be referring to common English and Spanish words like Computer to Computadora and Numbers to Numero
        2. Noam Chomsky
          1. THEORY: That all human languages rest on the inate building blocks of expressions.
            1. Means that all languages use Verbs, Nouns, and Adjectives to communicate .
              1. An application of this would be if you take the same sentence in several languages and take out the Noun, Verb and Adjective of each sentence you could come up with the context. Just as Chomsky used: "Boy gives Girl Rose" in multiple languages.
          2. R.C. Anderson
            1. THEORY: ACT - Adaptive Control of Thought
              1. Means Adaptive Control of though is simply gathered together by fine tuning of small units of knowledge.
                1. An application of this would be learning different parts (the pieces) of a Word Processor over a few days then making something (The Puzzle) in this Word processor that used all of these parts.
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