Technical Writing

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By, Ko Wye Sean Ruban Selvarajah

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Technical Writing
1 What is it?
1.1 Writing about a particular subject that requires direction, instruction/explanation to an audience with varying level of technical knowledge
1.2 Writing that helps users solve problems with technologies and technical subject matter. (Jeff Grabill, Georgia State University)
2 Characteristics
2.1 Has specific audience
2.2 Clear and concise
2.3 Easy to understand
2.4 Accurate
3 Types
3.1 Instructions and procedures
3.2 Proposals
3.3 Emails, letters, and memoranda
3.4 Press Releases
3.5 Specifications
3.6 Descriptions
3.7 Résumés
3.8 Technical reports
4 Audience
4.1 Experts
4.2 Technicians
4.3 Executives
4.4 Nonspecialists
5 Purpose
5.1 To inform
5.2 To persuade
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